Fabledom is a fairy tale kingdom city builder coming this Spring

by on January 12, 2023

Genaa Games and Dear Villagers have just announced Fabledom, a city building game with a twist: it involves fairy tale kingdoms.

The art style (seen in the trailer, below) looks lovely, and it’s coming to Steam later this year. It seems the order of the day will be to build your city and defend it against neighbouring colonies. According to the press release there are relationships available within the title too, diplomacy options, and a whole lot more.


“With Fabledom we wanted to merge the joy of city building games with the quaint, wholesome charm of fairy tales,” said Max Nielsen, Owner/ Game Designer of Grenaa Games. “We wanted to create something laid back enough for kids and casual players to get a kick out of, while offering enough optional depth for genre veterans to sink their teeth into. We’re beyond excited to see what kinds of kingdom you all create when Fabledom launches this year!”

Set in a storybook kingdom of trolls, knights, and princesses, Fabledom offers a warm, upbeat approach to the city builder. Create your settlement from the ground up and fill it with castles, barracks, farms, fields, houses and more. ​Customize your buildings to fit your vision ​with a range of decorations and utilities available to create the coziest, most functional village in all the land!

“Fabledom really captures the voice of Dear Villagers,” said Guillaume Jamet, Head of Publishing for Dear Villagers. “It’s got villagers! It’s dear! It’s quaint and charming and cute! Even its countryside looks like rural France, not too far from where we’re based in Montpellier. When we first saw Fabledom, we couldn’t help but be delighted by it!”

Fabledom will be launching into Steam early access in Spring, but will also be a part of the Steam Next Festival.