Divine Knockout is out now

by on December 6, 2022

Red Beard Games and Hi-Rez have today released their third-person platform fighter Divine Knockout, out now for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Set in a vibrant stylized world of gods and mythology, players battle across arenas featuring deadly environmental mechanics. Each of the unique playable gods can unleash devastating abilities at the push of a button, inflicting massive damage based on the player’s timing, positioning and moment-to-moment decisions.

To coincide with the launch, PlayStation Plus subscribers can get the Founders Edition of Divine Knockout as part of the December monthly games, which includes the full game, 8 gods, cosmetics, and a special bonus skin for SMITE. DKO is full cross-play and cross-progression, and looks set to be a fun fighter for players across all platforms. it’ll be available in two different versions which include the following:

Divine Knockout Founders Edition (£21.99)

  • The full game (all maps and modes)
  • 8 Gods (Amaterasu, Sol, Hercules, Susano, Ymir, Athena, Thor, and King Arthur)
  • The Epic Biohazard Sol Skin
  • King Me Crater Decal
  • The Founders Profile Card
  • Additionally, you’ll receive a special bonus (Stormy Chibi Susano Skin and The God Susano, and his Voice Pack) in SMITE (only useable on the platform you purchased the edition)

Divine Knockout Ultimate Edition (£43.99)

  • Everything in the Founders Edition
  • 4 God Tokens (Used to unlock any God of your choice in DKO)
  • The Epic Darkheart Athena Skin
  • 1000 Runes
  • “The Ultimate” Title
  • A DKO Founder Emote and Avatar

Divine Knockout is out now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and you can watch the launch trailer below: