Atomic Heart is now available to pre-load on Xbox Series S|X

by on February 7, 2023

If you pre-added Atomic Heart on Xbox Series S|X via Game Pass, you might be in for a surprise this morning, as it’s now available to pre-load. The download will automatically start if you have auto-updates turned on, but otherwise you can head to your Game Pass library and pre-add so it’s playable immediately upon release.

As for how big it is, well it’s another large one similar to a lot of recent games. Atomic Heart, then is, 78.66GB on Xbox Series X, so you might need to free up some space.


Welcome to a utopian world of wonders and perfection, in which humans live in harmony with their loyal and fervent robots.

Well, that’s how it used to be. With the launch of the latest robot-control system mere days away, only a tragic accident or a global conspiracy could disrupt it…

The unstoppable course of technology along with secret experiments have brought rise to mutant creatures, terrifying machines and superpowered robots—all suddenly rebelling against their creators. Only you can stop them and find out what lies behind the idealized world.

Using the combat abilities granted by your experimental power glove, your arsenal of blades and cutting-edge weaponry, fight for your life in explosive and frenetic encounters. Adapt your fighting style to each unique opponent. Combine your skills and resources, use the environment and upgrade your equipment to overcome challenges and fight for good.

Atomic Heart is the first non-VR based game from developer Mundfish, and while it it’s clearly a first-person shooter, descriptions on the PlayStation Store page also say it’s a role-playing game, so it doesn’t seem like this is going to be a short 10-hour fps-campaign that some might have been expecting.

Atomic Heart is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X on February 21st.