Ship of Fools update adds a bunch of end-game content

by on May 9, 2023

Team17 Digital and developer Fika Productions has released an update for Ship of Fools which adds a haul of end-game content. This new content will shine a light on “The Great Lighthouse”, which is the landmark right at the centre of the main game hub. Fika Productions says that it “sets the anthropomorphic Fools on a journey to restore the building’s lamp to its former glory”.

The new Lighthouse’s lamp lets you unlock new items, abilities, and encounters. It’s on PC only right now, but coming to consoles later, and to celebrate this update, Ship of Fools is also 20% off via Steam, and we’ve got a brand new trailer and the official word from the press release for you to check out, below:


Alongside the new adventure, which on completion unlocks new items and cannon abilities, new encounters, and new quests, is the Deep Sea Duo, paid DLC that introduces two new Fools to the crew of the good ship Stormstrider who have bubbled up from the crushing depths below: Angus the angler fish and Jules the diver. Both Fools come with their own unique heirloom item that provides a passive ability to help at sea. Deep Sea Duo is available for £3.99/$4.99/€4.99. Further updates for Ship of Fools will be released in September this year, including The Great Lighthouse update for consoles.

Lyle adored Ship of Fools when he reviewed it, scoring it a huge 9/10, saying: “Ship of Fools is a fantastic co-op roguelike full of tense battles and tough decisions. Learning how to best all the enemies and what upgrades are the best is exciting from start to finish, and the audio and visuals are top notch. It’s a bit of a shame that you can master it as quickly as you can, but when the screen fills with enemies and the boat fills with holes it’s an exhillerating experience you’ll want to share with your loved ones”.

Ship of Fools is out now for PC and consoles, the update is coming in September for consoles and is out now for PC.