Chimera announced from Green Hell developers via new trailer

by on June 11, 2023

Creepy Jar, the developer behind Green Hell has announced Chimera, a brand new first-person shooter via a teaser trailer, that shows off the four-player co-op shooter.

The reveal of Chimera was part of the PC Gaming Show, and Creepy Jar says it’s “an ambitious cross between base building, exploration, combat, and managing resources on an alien but oddly familiar terraformed planet torn by a catastrophic cycle of destruction caused by its titular star. Creepy Jar looks forward to sharing more information with players in the months to come”.

Check out the trailer, and the official word from the press release, below:


Chimera is a story of man versus nature set against an otherworldly and breathtaking sci-fi environment where elemental cataclysms of extreme heat and cold loom as a constant danger. The player takes up the mantle as a convict exiled from the Earth to serve their sentence by mining and expanding industrial production alongside researching new technology on a seemingly hospitable new planet rife with mystery and danger. Tasked with surviving the waves of fiery inferno or extreme cold—not to mention facing down against hostile enemy monsters in tense combat—each cycle spells destruction yet ushers in a new era of growth and rebuilding. Whether solo or as part of an up-to-4-player co-op experience, players will explore, adapt, mine, gather resources, and build complex machinery in order to survive and prosper.

Creepy Jar founder and CEO, Krzysztof Kwiatek said: “In Green Hell, we focused on inserting all the best gameplay elements of the survival genre as possible and we challenged ourselves to make them even better. Looking to improve upon what we’ve learned over the past five years, we aim to apply the same technique—along with the new technical opportunities coming from Unreal Engine 5—in order to elevate Chimera to new heights”.

Game Director Michał Stawicki added to that, explaining: “We want to spice up what players think they know about base-building and add our own special touch alongside our now expansive knowledge of the survival genre. And just like we did with Green Hell, we’ll tap into the most important resource we have—our players and community—to expand and enhance the game when it releases in Early Access”.

We don’t have a release date for the early access period yet, but the developer says it’ll be revealing more information in the months to come.