Secretlab Valorant Jett and Reyna chairs announced

by on June 23, 2023

Valorant fans are going to want to read this, as two special edition gaming chairs are coming soon, with the release of the Secretlab TITAN Evo VALORANT Jett and Reyna Edition. Riot Games will be expanding the Secretlab Valorant Collection with the new chairs as players get excited for the upcoming release of Episode 7.

For every Jett and Reyna main, these first ever Agent edition seats are a must have! At Secretlab, we are chair specialists, and our founders, designers, engineers, and scientists are obsessed with creating the optimum sitting experience. This means providing the optimal comfort and support for hours on end as you immerse yourself in Valorant Episode 7.

Anyone who mains as either Jett or Reyna are going to love the designs of the two new chairs, which both highlight distinctive elements from both of their character designs, along with their respective abilities. The Jett Edition chair has a white swirl on its shoulder just like Jett, while her outfit is mirrored with the blue upholstery panelling mirrors. As for Reyna, the chair replicates the golden studs around her waist and features the V-shaped swoop and accents seen on her vest.

Yesterday, Riot Games outlined the new progression system coming to Valorant, with plenty of detail outlined on their official website. With the update, there will be revamped daily missions, a new in-game currency known as Kingdom Credits, and the former Agent Contracts being split into three categories: Agent Recruitment Events, Agent Store, and Agent Gear. There’s even more coming to the update when Episode 7 drops, but until then, check out the beautiful images of the two new Secretlab Valorant Jett and Reyna chairs.

Secretlab Valorant Jett Reyna Chairs 2