Tempest Rising demo released, new trailer revealed

by on August 11, 2023

THQ Nordic has announced a demo for RTS title Tempest Rising, while also putting out a new trailer that shows us more of what to expect from the game.

The new demo is for fans to preview the game, and it’s available until August 28th. The demo features “the full first single-player mission of the Global Defense Forces (GDF) campaign, as they go up against the lethal Tempest Dynasty, as well as the dangers growing unchecked across a war-torn planet Earth”.

THQ Nordic explains that “Players will be introduced to five playable GDF unit types, from the Drone Operator to the Sentinel Scout Car, plus six enemy types. There’s a lot for RTS fans and newcomers to the genre to discover, as they’ll get a feel for base-building, intel, air strikes… and even classic gameplay elements like explosive barrels”.

Check out the new Tempest Rising trailer, below:


Tempest Rising seamlessly merges the classic action of real-time strategy (RTS) games from the‘90s and 2000s with modern production and performance standards. Encounter a battle-scarred 1997 in an alternate timeline, where the Cuban Missile Crisis went nuclear. In the fallout from the war, a strange red electrical vine known as Tempest started spreading across the planet and changed the course of history. Experience the story of three highly different factions across two campaigns with deep and rewarding gameplay that keeps the focus on strategy and skill, with built-in customization options that allow players to approach the game in their own way in both single-player and multiplayer.

Here’s a list of the key features, too:

  • Classic RTS base-building with fast, fluid, hard-hitting combat and tons of customization
  • Three asymmetrical factions, each featuring unique harvesting models, individual secondary resource systems, and distinct rosters of units providing drastically different playstyles
  • Two epic single-player campaigns with between-mission cutscenes to drive the story
  • Skirmish and multiplayer modes, including ranked matchmaking with Elo rating and unranked matchmaking

Tempest Rising is listed as “coming soon” for PC, via Steam.