C-Smash VRS gets a massive free update

by on September 14, 2023

C-Smash VRS has received a massive free update adding new modes, new music, co-op, emotes, bots, and a lot more.

The team says that this pretty much almost doubles the amount of content for the PlayStation VR2 title C-Smash VRS, which we already liked a lot. In my review I said that “C-Smash VRS feels like the culmination of an idea twenty-odd years in gestation. There’s even haptic feedback galore, and it all adds to the immersion the overall experience brings. While it stumbles slightly with its single player offering, the multiplayer modes really are addictive, and it’s a gorgeous looking game with a terrific soundtrack. On top of all that, it’s simple and fun, is a bit of a workout, and is a lower priced title: what more could you want?”, and awarded it a big 8/10 score.

There’s lots to get through, so we’ve dropped the information below, as well as a trailer showing some of the content off.

1 player Infinity mode: A brand-new frantic mode for fans of Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, and fitness. Infinity expects you to move, although you can still use the analog stick for lateral movement and the crouch button when playing seated. In this mode, you must smash or dodge the blocks as they move towards you and keep the ball in play – the goal is to travel as far as you can without losing the blocks behind you.

Co-op: Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a friend, it is a 2P version of Infinity mode, with blocks coming towards the two players and only the one ball between them. Players must work together to remove blocks and keep the ball in play as the oncoming blocks close in. Available as “Quickplay” or when inviting a friend to a “Session”.


Emotes: Players meeting in C-Smash VRS can often be found waving and dancing with each other using their full-body avatars. We want our online community to come even closer together. Our innovative emote system will light up your racket to convey simple calls and actions such as ‘applaud’. Available in VS and Co-op.

AI Versus Bot: Play against an AI opponent, either in 1P or while waiting for 2P matches. Available in 3 difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard) across Head-to-Head, Firewall and Quickshot modes. Although not a ‘real’ player, the Bot has its own characteristics and personality and will gloat when it scores a point. Still a much friendlier face of AI.

New Levels + Stage Select: We’ve added 36 brand-new stages to Journey, for a total of 140 stages, up from 100 at launch. You’ll be able to play each stage on demand, too, whether you just want to explore new stages, practice your best strategy or reach an A-rank on a specific stage.

There’s more, however. Two new block types in Journey Mode (Multiball and Portal), Instant Replays and Share, a new track from British electronic music legends UNKLE. There’s a music player, and even UI stats displayed.

C-Smash VRS is out now, as is the free update.