C-Smash VRS coming to Meta Quest and PICO 4 in April

by on February 8, 2024

RapidEyeMovers and Wolf & Wood have revealed their impressive VR title C-Smash VRS is coming to Meta Quest 2 and 3 and PICO 4 headsets on April 4. Not only is it getting a release on these platforms, it comes with new modes and features that make it well worth diving in and playing the “true love letter to SEGA’s console and arcade icon Cosmic Smash.”

C-Smash VRS combines the very best of racket sports with block breaking, with 140+ stylish levels, iconic graphic design and hypnotic original music.  Players move, dash and duck, performing intense shots and power smashes while racing against time, either solo or with a friend. With a variety of modes, players can journey to the edge of space and time in single player or make a cosmic connection with a friend and take part in versus and co-op fun.

C-Smash VRS will be expanding on Meta Quest 2 and 3 and PICO 4 with cross-platform global leaderboards, and will also receive cross-platform multiplayer later down the line. It includes several modes like Head-to-Head, Firewall and Quickshot, Zen, and training with an unforgiving AI BOT. Infinity is another mode featured in the game, which sees players dodge incoming hazards, acting as a fun workout that doesn’t feel like exercise at all.

We reviewed it back in June on the PSVR2 and said, “while I’d strongly recommend playing in roomscale settings, C-Smash VRS feels like the culmination of an idea twenty-odd years in gestation. There’s even haptic feedback galore, and it all adds to the immersion the overall experience brings. While it stumbles slightly with its single player offering, the multiplayer modes really are addictive, and it’s a gorgeous looking game with a terrific soundtrack. On top of all that, it’s simple and fun, is a bit of a workout, and is a lower priced title: what more could you want?”

You can watch the announcement trailer for C-Smash VRS on Meta Quest 2 and 3 and PICO 4 here: