C-Smash VRS is getting a huge update in September

by on August 30, 2023

C-Smash VRS on PlayStation VR2 is getting a massive update on September 14th, adding new modes, and over 40 new stages, along with a whole lot more.

Developer Wolf & Wood along with publisher RapidEyeMovers has confirmed the details of the first free content update for C-Smash VRS, which the teams say will add “countless more hours of single and two-player cosmic racket sport fun”.

The new modes are Infinity, which “challenges players to dodge and smash oncoming hazards while keeping the ball in play”, and Co-Op, which had two players side by side and teaming up to try and get the best possible infinity score. An AI Bot is being added to the previously online-only modes like Quickshot, Firewall, and Head to Head, meaning you can now play those modes offline against bots. The AI Bot will come in three difficulties, so you can even dial it in how you prefer.


The developer says that “due to popular demand, the new update includes an Al Bot, available across the previously online only Head-to-head, Firewall and Quickshot game modes. The Bot is available in three different difficulty settings (easy, medium, and hard), offering players a chance to train before braving multiplayer sessions. Though not a “real” player, the Bot has its own characteristics and personality and will gloat when it scores a point”.

There’s also a new emote system letting players communicate via their rackets (using them as projectors), a stage select menu which will let people pick the level they want to play, and other additions are also coming to the Journey mode, including more than forty new stages, and new block types, too.

Instant replays that show winning shots will be added, a music player, and more detailed player stats, and the developer is even making the game 25% off from August 30th in preparation for the update. That sale, though, will end on September 14th, which is when the update actually hits.

C-Smash VRS is out now for PSVR2.