Classified: France ’44 will now launch in “early 2024”, demo coming soon

by on September 28, 2023

Absolutely Games and Team17 Digital has announced its WWII strategy title Classified: France ’44 will now be coming in early 2024.

To take the sting out of this news for fans a tiny bit, the teams have put together a new trailer showing some of the characters from the Allied special forces, but also confirmed that Classified: France ’44 will have a Steam Next Fest demo from October 9th until October 16th, meaning you can try the title out for yourself during that period, if you’ve a capable PC.

Check out the new trailer “Special Forces Reveal”, below. We’ve also popped the official game description as well as some of the key features underneath, too.


Classified: France ‘44 is an original take on turn-based tactics that authentically captures the challenges of World War II firefights. Set deep in the heart of Nazi-occupied France, take charge of the Jedburghs: a group of special forces working with the Resistance. Use an extensive RPG system to build a team of skilled soldiers and experience history first-hand as you fight to define the success of D-Day.

  • Unique morale system: Every shot counts. Even if it misses, fire wears down enemy forces’ morale and can turn the tide in the heat of battle.
  • Tactical stealth action: Infiltrate enemy positions; set up ambushes, and choose your overwatch targets wisely. Friendly fire can shape the battlefield, so position your squad and pick your marks carefully.
  • Engaging and replayable campaign: Define the success of the historic ‘D-Day’ battle with a replayable campaign with 15 different endings. Form a specialist team, court the Resistance factions and aid them in building their strength, and make decisions that lead to game-changing outcomes.
  • Historically authentic military gameplay: Mirroring real-world military tactics, missions are a thrilling, varied experience. Use your tactical toolbox of stealth, ambush, morale and flanking to outwit the enemy and aid the Resistance.
  • The ‘Classified System’: Built on the ‘Classified System’ players can access in-game tools to create their own missions to share with the community.

Chris White got to play some of the game back in August, and he really liked it. In his preview he said: “While I didn’t get to play through the whole game, I saw a lot of what Classified: France ’44 has to offer, and it’s both carefully constructed and satisfying to play. It can be tough if you’re unprepared, but there’s a wide range of tactical options for you to employ. You start to gain a deep respect for your team, and when one of them goes down, you feel a genuine sorrow for them. It grabs you, pulls you in, and refuses to let go. Absolutely Games are onto something special here, and I can’t wait to play more of this tense turn-based strategy when the full game releases”.

Classified: France ’44 is coming to PC, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5 in “early 2024”.