Eternights Floor Puzzles | How to get through the empty room

by on September 11, 2023

Eternights Floor Puzzles is another in a long list of things the game doesn’t explain, leaving you to work it out for yourself. In fact, there are multiple types of Eternights Floor Puzzles, one being fairly obvious (but we’ll help you anyway) and another that, even if you figure it out, the game decides to change how it does it a mere few rooms later, confusing the issue even further.

The thing is, armed with the knowledge of completing it, we know how to solve them, and so we’re here to explain each of the Eternights Floor Puzzles for you, not only giving you the solutions, but arming you with knowledge as to how to actually solve them yourself, should you prefer to do that. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

Floor Puzzle 1: cursor time

Eternights Floor Puzzles

These are the more simple form of floor puzzles. Once you’ve interacted with the glowing white orb nearby, the camera angle will change and show you a lit up section of floor. Red is bad, blue is good. You will have control of a cursor here, and there’s always a blank space on the screen meaning you can use that to your advantage. If you do mess up, head back to the circle at the start and it’ll restart the puzzle.

The idea is that you need to move your cursor around, lighting up the red squares to change to blue, and then get back to the start, whereby the floor will change to a bridge. Everyone has seen this puzzle type before, and you need to make use of the blank spare space to the right (from the example above), to complete the puzzle.

Floor Puzzle 2: leap of faith

Eternights Floor Puzzles

The room in the screenshot above will appear in the first major area of the game, in act 2. You will probably run around for a bit trying to work out what the arrows do, and the answer is: nothing. You need to step on the grey square to light up the grids, then the grid that looks like a piano from the movie BIG is telling you the code you need to know. The triangles are directions, so the answer here could be three forward (green), two left (purple), one back (yellow), two left (purple), two forward (green) — or it could be the complete reverse.

You will have to work out the directions yourself, as these puzzles seem to change which order they want you to work things out in. Speaking of which, shortly afterwards you’ll encounter a similar puzzle, and this will flash up in the order you need to traverse.

Eternights Floor Puzzles

Here, they will flash in the order you need to complete the sequence. It’ll be three greens first, so you need to walk forwards into the abyss three squares. Each square that seems like you will fall is easy to follow. But you might need to step on the switch a few times to memorise things.

Assuming it isn’t random, the sequence here is:

  • Three steps forward
  • Four steps left
  • Two steps forward
  • One step right
  • Two steps forward

Your reward for doing all this? A mini-boss fight! Get dodging…