Super Mario Bros Wonder stream shows another 20 minutes of footage

by on September 2, 2023

Only a day after Nintendo revealed lots of features in Super Mario Bros Wonder, the developer has put on a live stream showing more of the game.

It came as part of a Nintendo Treehouse Live show, which itself was a pre-show for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Squad Strike Challenge 2023 stream. Demetrius Boggs presented the show, and while there’s multiplayer gameplay seen as well, Kindra led the single player section, playing as Daisy, quickly grabbing the elephant power-up and showing it off. But, honestly, there’s so much to see. My favourite part is where the Flower refers to the Goomba as looking “so serene”, before Elephant-Daisy smashes him into the sky, whereby the flower simply says “well then”.

You can see a lot more of the game in the live stream, with the elephant power-up allowing you to suck up water and, well, water dried up plants for more goodies. Check out the full live stream archived below:


At around the 4 minute mark we get to see the “Badge Challenges”, which as we know from the Super Mario Bros Wonder, gives us new powers. These Badge Challenges require specific powers to complete them. In this one we see the “Wall-Climb Jump” challenge. The description says “Jump against a wall, and then press B to jump straight up once”. The challenges, explains Kindra, are opportunities for players to try out the new powers, with more challenging options available later on.

At six minutes we get to see two-player, and the video ends with four-player chaos, as you’d expect. The stream gives a really good look at the game, as there’s uninterrupted gameplay, so you can see it without the traditional cuts between multiple sections of the game that the likes of a trailer, or showcase Direct would use.

Super Mario Bros Wonder is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 20th.