Catan – Console Edition is coming to Switch in November

by on October 13, 2023

Dovetail Games has announced that Catan – Console Edition will be hitting Nintendo Switch on November 9th, with a 10% pre-order discount starting on November 2nd.

The developer says that it has had help from Nomad Games for the title, and that there will be a Super Deluxe edition of the game which ” includes the base game of Catan, five championship maps, and The Helpers: the first official expansion to Catan – Console Edition”. The Super Deluxe version will cost £24.99 / $29.99.

“Alongside the Super Deluxe, we have two further editions of the game in the form of a Deluxe and Standard editions”, the developer added, saying “The Deluxe version includes the base game and championship maps, while the Standard version contains the base game of Catan. If players who get the Standard edition of Catan decide at a later date to get The Helpers/championship maps, these will also be available to purchase separately”. The deluxe edition will be £19.99, while the standard edition is £16.99. If you want to purchase The Helpers, that’s £6.99, and the Championship Maps are £4.99.


Players will immerse themselves in a vibrant animated board, populated with characters farming and mining resources, sheep roaming their respective hexes and the Robber waiting for their moment to move. Ships occupy the surrounding harbours and Settlements and Cities appear as players continue to build and trade with one another. Success comes with earning Victory Points, which can be gained in various ways including building the ‘Longest Road’ or amassing the ‘Largest Army’. Building Cities and Settlements also earn Victory Points, as well as through the tactical use of Development Cards.

The discount offer isn’t available right now, instead it’ll start on November 2nd, a week ahead of the November 9th release date. The developer explains that: “Catan has always been about playing together and with the Card Companion on smartphones, players can all gather around one TV without the risk of seeing the resources that others have. Online play utilises Cross-play to ensure Nintendo Switch player can enjoy Catan – Console Edition together with players on other consoles, while solo players can tackle the various AI characters based on Catan lore that each have their intricacies in building and trading”.

Catan – Console Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch on November 9th.