Mewgenics developer details the Tank class

by on November 21, 2023

After dropping details on the Mage class for Mewgenics, this week it’s the turn of The Tank, or The Chonk, to get a deep dive.

Co-developer Tyler Glaiel also confirmed this will be a fortnighty occurrence, with Thief, Hunter, Fighter, and Cleric still to be detailed. Glaiel explained that “The tank is one heckin’ chonker of a cat, who’s main role in the team is to absorb the hits you don’t want your other cats to take, and control the positioning and movement of enemies so that they can’t tear through your team with ease. Tanks have extremely high Constitution, which gives them a ton of max health and post-combat health regen, so they can take a beating and shrug it off after”.

The Tank’s basic attack is a lunge forward one space, whereby it’ll headbutt whatever it hits, knocking it back a space. As Glaiel explains: “Its a very important and versatile part of the Tank’s kit, it helps him get closer to enemies while keeping the enemies away from your squishy team, and can cause extra damage if you can make the things you knock back collide into other things”. Basic attacks can be used once per turn for free, apparently even if a spell or item has been used as well.

We also got the details on the active abilities, which cost mana to use. Basically as long as you have mana, these can be reused, and each class has 50 (fifty!) active abilities in their toolbox. Here’s the details on the Tank’s abilities, from the Steam news post:

  • Toss: Toss lets you throw something that is next to you to a tile of your choice, dealing 1 collision damage to it when they land.
  • Mock: Mock lets you mock an enemy, causing it to immediately move towards you (as far as it can normally move, anyway).
  • Suplex: Come on and SLAM! (Suplex doesn’t need an explanation).
  • Body Guard: Body Guard is a very low-mana-cost ability that causes the tank to get ready to swap places with an ally the next time any ally is targeted by an attack, letting the tank take the hit instead
  • Barbed Wire: Lets you give 5 Thorns to something (an ally, an enemy, an object, or even yourself), temporarily until your next turn.
  • Rock Crusher: Rock Crusher lets you body slam any rock on the map, causing it to explode and damage everything next to it!
  • Earthquake: This is a cone shaped earth-element spell that deals low damage, has a chance to spawn rocks, and has a small chance to Petrify things that get hit by it

You can also see loads of gifs showing the moves in action, as well as find out about the passive abilities on Glaiel’s post.

There’s no release date for Mewgenics yet, but we know it’s coming to Steam “soon”.