NAKWON: LAST PARADISE pre-alpha playtest coming later today

by on November 29, 2023

The pre-alpha playtest for MINTROCKET’s upcoming stealth survival game NAKWON: LAST PARADISE will be going live later today. The game features “intense third-person gameplay, blending elements of stealth, survival, and resource gathering in a post-apocalyptic Seoul,” where players will have to navigate a complex web of zombie threats and interactions with other survivors in a dynamic PvPvE environment.”

NAKWON is a 3rd person view Zombie Apocalypse Stealth Survival game. Experience a new form of ‘Post-Apocalypse Life’ that you’ve never seen before. Explore Extraction Survival and gather resources from the PvPvE city, where Zombies and Survivors coexist to survive in this new societal structure.

While the pre-alpha playtest will give players an early look at NAKWON: LAST PARADISE, it will also allow the developers to gather valuable feedback from its player base to help improve the final release. It will run from November 30 at 1am BST to December 4 at 8am BST. For those looking to get involved, signing up can be done through the official Steam page, where participation is free for everyone with no limit on the number of survivors who’ll be able to join.

Some of the key features of NAKWON: LAST PARADISE include:

  • A Korean-style zombie apocalypse focused on close combat

  • A life-and-death extraction survival game within a PvPvE

  • A Stealth Survival Game Featuring Audiovisual Elements and Strategy

  • A Cruel Revelation of Human Greed in a Multiplayer Setting

  • Life as a Citizen Class in a Post-Apocalyptic Regime

To celebrate the pre-alpha playtest, the developers behind NAKWON released an atmospheric gameplay trailer that gives players a taste of what to expect. You can watch it below: