NAKWON: LAST PARADISE gameplay video revealed, pre-alpha test coming soon

by on November 21, 2023

MINTROCKET has today announced that it upcoming survival game NAKWON: LAST PARADISE is getting a pre-alpha test. Running between November 29 and December 3, the zombie survival PvPvE has also got a new gameplay trailer, showing off some of the intense close combat players can expect.

“As we continue to improve NAKWON’s multiplayer experience, we hope community collaboration will be a core part of our development process. We’re still very early on in playable development— this playtest is by no means representative of our planned final product— but we’re excited to share our journey with players and hear their initial feedback. This is a great opportunity for passionate players to get involved at an early stage and help us shape the project,” said Game Director, Jang Kyoung Han. “We intend to implement player feedback from the pre-alpha this year, and follow up with a more robust public test sometime next year, with the goal of building a fun and original survival experience for players.”

There are so many zombie titles out there, but NAKWON: LAST PARADISE does look pretty cool, and the pre-alpha will hopefully offer up a positive sign of things to come when it finally releases down the line. Players who wishlist on Steam will get a notification when the pre-alpha starts, which is completely free for everyone, and there’s no limit to how many join the fight to survive. To keep up to date with all the latest information, players can join the Discord.

NAKWON: LAST PARADISE is all about the following:

  • A Korean-style zombie apocalypse focused on close combat

  • A life-and-death extraction survival game within a PvPvE

  • A Stealth Survival Game Featuring Audiovisual Elements and Strategy

  • A Cruel Revelation of Human Greed in a Multiplayer Setting

  • Life as a Citizen Class in a Post-Apocalyptic Regime

You can watch the gameplay footage for NAKWON: LAST PARADISE below: