Arizona Sunshine 2 playable early now, launches for all later this week

by on December 5, 2023

Arizona Sunshine 2 is out now via early access for pre-order customers, and for everyone else on Thursday, December 7th.

In the VR world, Arizona Sunshine 2 is pretty hotly awaited, as the previous title in the series did very well, and was hugely popular. This new game adds a dog-companion who can attack the zombies (or Freds, as the game calls them) for you, while you attack with your weaponry.

Anyway, if you pre-ordered the deluxe edition, Arizona Sunshine 2 is out today for you, while everyone else has to wait to play on PSVR2 or Steam VR on December 7th (this Thursday). The Meta Quest version doesn’t appear to be in the early access setup, so that version along with Pico is out on the 7th, too.

Check out the new trailer, below:


Arizona Sunshine 2 is built from the ground up for VR and leverages the latest technology to set a new benchmark in VR storytelling and co-op survival with an all-new zombie-slaying carnage adventure. Jump in for the story, or join up with a friend to experience the thrill of realistic VR combat, with full manual reloading and physical handling of over 40 weapons; including an arsenal of fan-favorite guns, scorching flamethrowers, and a brand-new melee combat system that lets you wield anything from katanas to limbs to send the undead back to the afterlife.

Accompanied by your new friend Buddy, Arizona Sunshine 2’s cinematic story campaign will take you on a VR rollercoaster ride that will have you realize the apocalypse is not just about slaying your way through the end of the world; it is about finding companionship in dire times. And what better way to do it than with friends in the 2-player co-op campaign mode?

The game is co-op as well, and cross platform. It’ll launch with horde mode for four players as well, with more maps being added throughout “year one”. The Quest 3 version will be getting an update in December which will make it look better, too.

In our review of the game, Chris White said: “While it doesn’t reinvent the genre, Arizona Sunshine 2 is wonderful in VR. The responsiveness of weapons and the amount on offer give you variety throughout, and as vulgar and silly as the writing can be, I loved every second. It can also be sensitive at times, which always caught me off guard, yet felt honest and never forced. The visuals are pretty good, and after you get out of the claustrophobic areas near the beginning, it opens up to give you some detailed and impressive locations with plenty of opportunities to reacquaint you with your best friend, Fred”.

Arizona Sunshine 2 is out now for deluxe edition players, and on December 7th for everyone else.