Under The Waves final update adds more improvements, playable J0 the Seal

by on December 4, 2023

Parallel Studio has released a final update for Under The Waves adding quality of life improvements and the ability to control J0 the Seal.

There are a number of small fixes in the update, but the free mode where you can control J0 the Seal is a good reason to go back, even if you’ve already played and finished Under the Waves. The game is also getting a plastic-free, eco-friendly vinyl soundtrack release, which the developer says is the first of its kind.

Here’s the main details for the update:

  • Graphic Option to attenuate the Grain
  • Graphic Option to disable the Chromatic Aberration
  • Graphic Option to disable the Letterboxing
  • Graphic Option to disable the Lens Dirt
  • Support of wide screens


Ronan Coiffec, Game & Studio Director of Parallel Studio said: “As an indie team of 19 people, it took us almost 4 years to bring this game to life, and I’m very excited to continue enriching it with this update”, adding “The team and I poured our heart into this game. Seeing it in your hands, and knowing the impact is making on players, is the most amazing gift”.

Publisher Quantic Dream is also partnering with Kid Katana Records for the eco-friendly vinyl. The publisher explains that “Composed by Nicolas Bredin, the Under The Waves soundtrack is as a true reflection of the game’s narrative, influenced by Icelandic composers such as Valgeir Sigurdsson and Ólafur Arnalds, as well as post-rock bands like Mogwai, Sigur Rós and Radiohead”.

The press release also says that: “To stay true to the game’s environmental commitment and the partnership with Surfrider Foundation Europe to raise awareness for the protection of the ocean and its users, this OST vinyl will be manufactured in Germany using the brand new BioVinyl process developed by one of the leaders in Europe, Optimal Media“. The vinyl will be plastic free (petroleum in S-PVC replaced by recycling used cooking oil or industrial waste gasses), the packaging will be 100% recycled paper, and the design is eco-friendly itself.

Under the Waves is out now for PC.