Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles gets March release date, demo coming soon

by on January 17, 2024

Wired Productions and award-winning solo developer Tomas Sala have announced the release date for Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, and it’s coming on March 26th. Better yet, a cross-platform demo is coming on January 30th, so you can get an early taster of what’s to come with the full March release date.

It’s worth noting that March 26th release date is for PC and consoles, so PlayStation 4, PS5, and Xbox owners can buy the game then, too. The game has been “Created to be easy to play”, says the publisher, adding “Bulwark’s distinct minimalist style means city building can be completed with the simplest click of a button as players marvel at the wonders they’re able to design. But will they be able to defend their creations? The Ursee is alive and full of factions to meet, befriend or fight depending on their play style. Will they work towards a better future or plunge the world back into conflict?”.

The platform release trailer is below, as is some more info on the game.


Using intuitive controls, they will be able to craft fortresses beyond their imagination. Clinging to the edge of cliffs, battling raging seas and vicious storms, players will build empires amidst the ruins of war.

In the demo, players will be able to play with one complete scenario designed to show them the ropes of Bulwark. Their settlements can grow to up to 15 buildings, while later-stage gameplay elements such as Wonder, Leaders and a variety of factions, will only be available at launch.

We’ve actually had two opportunities to play this one, with Lyle saying it has “a lot of fantastic ideas” in his write-up, while Chris White played more recently, saying it “offers an abundance of creative and explorative freedom”, which sounds great to me.

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is coming to PC and consoles on March 26th. The demo is available from January 30th.