Fling to the Finish leaves early access, and is out now

by on January 19, 2024

Daedalic has announced it’s co-op racing game, Fling to the Finish is out now, having left early access today. The game, as well as the publisher’s entire catalogue is on sale as part of the annual publisher sale, and is 30% off for the launch discount, too.

Fling to the Finish has been in early access for two and a half years, and 1.0 is out now for PC and MacOS computers, featuring “16 whacky levels and a variety of challenging, friendship-testing scenarios”. Sounds like fun, right?

Check out the launch trailer, below:


In Fling to the Finish, teams of two players race through 16 vibrant, chaotic obstacle courses. You are connected by a stretchy elastic rope, which can be either a helpful tool or a hilarious hindrance, depending on how well you and your partner communicate. Navigate through bouncing, rolling, and flinging challenges to reach the finish line first! Early Access players will notice that the game has been overhauled with multiple new game modes, additional characters, skins, stickers, and banners, as well as a slew of new in-game abilities that will test your and your partner’s slinging skills.

Daedalic Entertainment’s publisher sale will run from January 18 to January 22 and will feature over 40 discounted items, including games, official soundtracks, and digital artbooks. For gamers looking to maximize their savings, we recommend exploring Daedalic’s Steam Bundles: Multiplayer, Strategy, Storyteller, and Shadow Tactics Anniversary, with discounts stacking up to 90% off retail prices!

We’ll have a review of Fling to the Finish early next week, but games like Potion Tycoon are 60% off via the sale mentioned currently. Daedalic Entertainment are a busy publisher right now, with New Cycle is a colony-builder that’s coming soon as well.

Fling to the Finish is out now on PC and MacOS. Check out our review early next week!