Banishers gun | How to get the ranged weapon in Ghosts of New Eden

by on February 12, 2024

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is a terrific game, which developer Don’t Nod has packed full of hard choices and fun combat, but the Banishers gun is one of the most fun parts. While you start off with melee options, and it quickly progresses to giving you a skill tree, and lots of ways to mix things up, the Banishers gun feels like it’s teased quite early on.

During the early hours, as you unfold the basics of the story, and get to grips with the mechanics, you’ll sit down at a fireplace and rest, and see a screen that shows off your gear, which includes, very clearly: a gun. But you don’t have a gun, and even worse, you’re teased with one that “doesn’t work” as it’s waterlogged in an early haunting case which makes you think “ooh do I get that one?”. Sadly, no, you don’t. Here’s how you get the banishers gun.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Once you have done the the tutorial haunting case involving two male friends (we’re trying not to spoil!), you will eventually return to the first main village of the game. Here, there are lots of other haunting cases, but that’s not what you want to be focusing on just yet.

Head over to the main objective marker where you’ll speak to Thickskin, one of the sisters who has returned from her journey into the forest. She will meet and greet you (again) and tell you that you will need a gun if you’re going to do what she requires. But she’s not going to give her gun up, so you have to go and speak to her sister.

Be kind (if you want to, but it’s harsh moment early on) and Thickskin’s sister will give her gun up to you, meaning you now get a ranged option in combat, and can shoot down things that are hanging out of reach, for more goodies.

And there you have it, now you’ve got your Banishers gun!