Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden | How to get all endings

by on February 12, 2024

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is a superb narrative-driven adventure game from French developer Don’t Nod that casts you in the roles of Red mac Raith and Antea Duarte, two professional ghost hunters who have travelled to New Eden in the American Frontier to aid their old friend Charles Davenport. That’s how it begins, at least, but how do you get all the endings for Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden?

Warning: The following guide contains spoilers for Banishers: Ghost of New Eden.

Which ending you get is largely determined by how you choose to play. The primary motivation is reclaiming Antea’s body after her death leaves her spirit bound to Red. You can choose to either resurrect or ascend Antea to the afterlife, and whichever option you choose dictates how you must deal with the people of New Eden.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden endings

Each major story chapter, as well as almost twenty Haunting Cases, will see Red and Antea face a choice: either Blame the haunted settler and sacrifice them to feed Antea’s hunger with Essence, or either Ascend or Banish the spirit haunting them to feed her with less Essence, but ultimately retain her humanity. At various points Red will be asked to swear an Oath to Antea, and if you want either of the best endings, you’ll need to stick to whatever promise you make as closely as possible.

ENDING 1: This is considered the first of two “good” endings, and sees Red working towards giving Antea her Ascent. To achieve it, you must spare all colonists with very few, if any, sacrifices, after swearing an Oath to do so.

ENDING 2: The second of the two “good” endings, sees Red and Antea forsake their humanity to work towards Antea’s resurrection. To achieve it, you must sacrifice almost all colonists after swearing an Oath to do so.

Note that the ratio of the above endings is not made clear. If you have a specific ending in mind, you should stick to your Oath as stringently as possible.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden endings

ENDING 3: This is the middle ending, which also sees Red working towards Antea’s Ascent. To achieve it, you must spare the greater number of colonists and Blame the lesser. There is no indicator of the desired ratio, but it requires you to sacrifice a higher number than Ending 1 while still sparing more.

ENDING 4: This is considered the “bad” ending and can only be achieved by working counter to Red’s Oath, either killing or sparing a greater number of colonists in opposition to whatever you promised. These are obviously two different “bad” endings but achieved with the same “opposite” method.

We won’t spoil what happens with each ending, but they are all very different narratively. It’s also worth noting that you cannot achieve all endings in one playthrough, unless you set and maintain very early save points and are willing to replay the vast majority of the game multiple times.

So now you know how to get all the endings in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden – but which one will you be aiming for?