Banishers fast travel | How to move between locations in Ghosts of New Eden

by on February 12, 2024

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is a narrative driven action game, but you will want to mop up, and fast travel is the easiest way to do it.

Early on you might be wondering how exactly you make use of Banishers fast travel options, as it’s not available when you first start, and you’ll almost certainly be seeing locations you can’t access early on and be thinking “I’m gonna have to go come back here”. With it being such a large map, you’re going to be concerned about running miles on foot to get back to the Metroidvania elements that you can access later on. But there is a Banishers fast travel method, and it unlocks quite early on.

When does Banishers fast travel unlock?

Banishers fast travel

You will unlock fast travel as part of the story, but you’d be forgiven for wondering “when” since it takes a little while to get going. You will have to see the entirety of the prologue that sets the story up, and then take control as Red mac Raith on the beach. You will then progress towards a small village that is in need of help from a Banisher.

The village has problems, and people are going off into the forest and not coming back. Follow the main objective and you’ll find a man in a shack who is in desperate need of a Banisher. You can light a fire in his shack, which is important as these fires act as fast travel locations. Complete this mission, and then go back to the village.

Here you will be given a temporary home you can rest in. You will note that a bonfire can be lit, and you can rest, which is where you can begin to fast travel. From now on, light every single bonfire you find, because these act as fast travel locations. There are usually two in each area, one in a town, one mid-way to a mission objective, and oftentimes there’s a third right before a boss fight. So make use of them.