Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden | How to upgrade gear

by on February 12, 2024

You will find yourself picking up all manner of items in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden to upgrade gear, but when, and how do you do it? Our handy guide is here to help you work out what all those flowers and items are for, exactly.

Before you can even access any Banishers upgrade gear locations, you will be grabbing plants, pieces of rock from walls, and all sorts, and we’d recommend you do this as often as you can. Basically, if you see something, pick it up. While the lower end items for gear upgrades are plentiful, it can never hurt to have too much.

Do items respawn?

It’s worth noting that the plantlife and rockery items you can grabĀ do respawn if you travel away and come back later. And while some optional side quests involving ghosts are repeatable, you won’t ever have loads of them spare, so choose your upgrades wisely, especially at the start.

Banishers fast travel

Where and how can I upgrade?

At each fire you light, whether it’s in a cabin, cave, or anywhere else, you can upgrade your gear. Early upgrades will be easy, as they’ll just require items you get from fighting the grunt-equivalent of the ghostly spirits, combined with plants that are easy to come by.

Hover over whichever piece of equipment you want to upgrade, and hit the corresponding button. If you can upgrade something, it’ll have a small arrow pointing up next to the “tier” level of gear you have. For example IV and and arrow, in the image above. You will need to fight elites to get materials for the mid-level tier upgrades, and you’ll need to defeat bosses, and much stronger enemies for the high-end ones. You can buy some of the items late on, too, so bare that in mind. Vendors do sell useful elite-tier items should you need them.

And that’s how the the Banishers upgrade gear system works. Enjoy.