Little Cities is coming to PSVR2 next month

by on February 22, 2024

Purple Yonder and nDreams have announced that Little Cities: Bigger! is coming to PSVR2 on March 12, with new improvements. Along with all the previously released content like the Sandbox Update and Snowy Islands DLC, it’ll also feature new 4K visuals, haptic feedback, and eye-tracking, making Little Cities on PSVR2 a fun new way to enjoy it.

Relax, put on your headset and escape to the charming world of Little Cities – the most loved VR city creator.

Create your own little city and lean in to watch it come to life. See residents populate your island as it grows from a humble village to a thriving mini-metropolis, bustling with life as your Little Citizens work, play and party through your creations!

Design the layout, strategically plot amenities, and make a perfect city where your citizens love to live. Experience a multi-island campaign or relax into endless cosy creativity with the Sandbox Update. Easy to pick up and play but with lots to discover, Little Cities makes your biggest creations possible!

Plus, intrepid creators are now invited to chill out with two new islands in our Snowy Islands DLC! Wrap up warm and explore oodles of wintry content, including themed Attractions, buildings, utilities and all sorts of snowy shenanigans…oh, and the occasional avalanche!

Already available on Meta Quest 2 and 3, Little Cities on PSVR2 intends to introduce the game to a whole new audience. Some of the features include:

  • Create vibrant cities from scratch with a huge range of buildings, facilities and transport hubs at your fingertips
  • Lose yourself in endless creativity and create the islands of your dreams with Sandbox mode!
  • Escape to gorgeous island environments, from the tropics to the desert, all set to a delightfully chilled soundtrack
  • Full Hand Tracking support
  • Showcase your style with Attractions – from donut shops to helter skelters to towering statues!
  • Unfussy and fun – intuitive controls meet clear and colourful UI
  • Plus, wrap up warm with two new islands in the Snowy Islands DLC!