The Meta Quest 2 is still amazing in 2023

by on June 7, 2023

It’s been almost three years since the Meta Quest 2 released, yet it’s still a fantastic piece of kit for virtual reality fans. The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase took place last week, and if the wealth of announcements were anything to go by, there’s still plenty of steam left in the VR tank. Until recently, I’d not had the pleasure of testing out the hardware, and with the third iteration of the Quest announced, it seems a great time to see what the Quest 2 is like, given it’ll almost certainly be discounted. My only foray into VR was at the hands of the PSVR, and I can safely say this is hands down a much more user-friendly experience. Not only that, but the games available and how they play have given both me and my family some memorable nights in.

If you’re not familiar with the Meta Quest 2, it requires very little set up. While the battery life for the headset isn’t as good as it could be, all that’s needed is to turn it on, set your spatial boundaries, and grab the controllers. There aren’t countless wires and things to plug in. Simply turn it on and away you go. The clarity in the visuals is excellent, and when you start to explore the store, it’s clear that there’s so much to choose from regardless of the kind of experience you’re after.

Meta Quest 2 hardware

Meta Quest TV offers a ton of videos for you to immerse yourself in, whether you want to stand in front of the Rockefeller Center in New York, walk through the cherry blossoms in Japan, or hop on a rollercoaster or two. These bitesize experiences allow you to see the world from the comfort of your own living room, providing countless possibilities for people of all kinds. Take my mother, for example. She’s physically unable to go out much or travel too far due to an illness she’s had for most of her life. It was rather emotional letting her try the headset and see her reaction to standing at the top of the Empire State Building.

These short detours from the games of the Meta Quest 2 are a great way to show off what virtual reality is in 2023. Although the Meta Quest 3 was just announced, there’s still a lot of worth in this platform, and that’s thanks in part to the games available. I’ve been playing some incredible titles on the system, and I’d like to touch on a few here. Pistol Whip makes you feel like John Wick, dodging bullets whilst firing off a few rounds of your own, all done to a pulsing EDM soundtrack.

Meta Quest 2 Pistol Whip

Red Matter 2 was perhaps the most impressive in terms of what you can do, as it allowed you to play through an interesting science fiction narrative while getting to explore space from the comfort of your own home. You can float across space stations, solve puzzles, pick up crates and other objects, scan the environment, and more. It harnesses the capabilities of the Meta Quest 2 in ways I never felt possible, and it’s definitely one of the games I’d suggest you giving a go if you’re interested in buying one.

I’m a huge fan on Steven Wright’s Peaky Blinders, and I can’t tell you how wide the smile on my face was when I booted up The King’s Ransom and walked through Small Heath to the tune of Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand. As a gangster in early 20th century Birmingham, it was one hell of an experience. Tommy Shelby offered me a cigarette, I dodged a bunch of gunfire from shady characters after meeting up with the headstrong and loveable Aunt Polly, and saw other familiar sites and characters from the hit TV show.

Meta Quest 2 Peaky Blinders

Perhaps the greatest game I’ve played so far was Beat Saber. I know I’m probably not telling you anything new here, but it’s such a simple yet addictive game. Hit colourful blocks on the beat with two lightsabers, duck under and around walls, and make sure you’re doing it all to the rhythm of one of the title’s songs. I was also impressed by the amount of DLC you can get. Lady Gaga, Green Day, and Billie Eilish song packs are all available, and the recently released Queen collection is a must purchase.

I understand games can cost a bit, but the Meta Quest 2 store offers a ton of demos to allow you a chance to try before you buy. Superhot is tons of fun on console, but being in that world is such a cool thing to experience, and you can try out a demo for it if you like. There’re other free pieces of content on the store, such as a Jurassic World app that lets you watch two videos, stepping into the scenes of the park and get up close with Blue the raptor.

Meta Quest 2 Mission: ISS

Another stunning addition to the catalogue is Mission: ISS. In it, you get to move around the International Space Station in zero gravity, and it’s unlike anything I’ve played. Being thrust into these unfamiliar places is why virtual reality is successful, but the Meta Quest 2 allows you to do so with ease, both in its set-up and the easy-to-navigate store. There’re still tons of games and apps I want to try, but from what I’ve seen so far, it feels like the perfect time to get your hands on the hardware.

Whether you’re after fun gameplay or opportunities to see things you’d never normally see, the Meta Quest 2 is by far one of the coolest bits of kit on the market. The visuals are clear and detailed, the interface is easy-to-use, the set-up is straightforward, and the amount of content in 2023 is staggering. With new games focused on Stranger Things and Ghostbusters soon to come out, there’s no greater time to bite the bullet and give VR a go, specifically through the Meta Quest 2.