Batman: Arkham Shadow announced, coming to Meta Quest 3 this year

by on May 1, 2024

Meta has revealed Batman: Arkham Shadow, which is the “next game in the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham franchise”, coming to Meta Quest 3 later this year.

The new game will be developed by Camouflaj (the team behind Iron Man VR, and Republique) and Oculus Studios, and is in partnership (obviously) with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and DC. There’s not a huge amount to go on, but the team behind it does say more will be revealed at the Summer Game Fest 2024 on June 7th at 10pm BST (UK time).

Here’s the announcement trailer:


Evil stalks the streets. Gotham City is in danger. And you’re the only one who can save it.

Tune into Summer Game Fest 2024 on June 7 at 2:00 pm PT for the official reveal of Batman: Arkham Shadow, a new Meta Quest 3 exclusive from Camouflaj and Oculus Studios, in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC.

Prepare to enter Gotham for a new story set in the Batman: Arkham franchise on Meta Quest 3 in late 2024.

The above is from the official Meta blog, and as we say: not a lot to go on right now. The trailer itself doesn’t give much away, either, aside from the atmosphere, as it’s “not official gameplay”.

This isn’t the first time Batman: Arkham series has made the jump into virtual reality, as Rocksteady made Batman: Arkham VR back in 2016, which was a lot of fun, but didn’t have actual combat. In our review back then we said: “Even if you don’t like the caped crusader, you’ll find a lot to enjoy about Rocksteady’s first attempt at a VR game. It’s not quite ready yet to replace the style and brilliance of the Arkham series as your go-to Batman game, but this could be the beginning of a very special new relationship with Batman, and I sincerely hope we get more like this.”

Batman: Arkham Shadow is coming exclusively to Meta Quest 3 later in 2024.