Erangel Classic map comes to PUBG: Battlegrounds today

by on May 14, 2024

Today, KRAFTON has launched the Erangel Classic map in PUBG: Battlegrounds as part of the latest 29.2 update. It is a limited-time map that is going to be available to players for two weeks, allowing players who’ve been with PUBG for years to feel all nostalgic, while also giving newer players a chance to see what it used to be like back in the day.

While it is the Erangel Classic map, the current gameplay mechanics will give players a chance to experience it in a new way. It will be available to all PC players from today until May 28, and for console players it arrives May 23 to June 6. There have been some tweaks to the gameplay to match what players first experienced on Erangel which include the following:

  • Recoil reduced on firearms by as much as 30%
  • Effectiveness of armour has been increased by 7.5%
  • Nostalgic items reintroduced like the level three helmet and 17 classic skins scattered across the map
  • Flare Guns now call down a bulletproof UAZ instead of a BRDM
  • In-game UI like the minimap and match start timer have reverted to their older versions

Along with the arrival of Erangel Classic map in PUBG: Battlegrounds, the update brings some other new features to the game. A Zipline Gun has been added to Rondo, giving players new strategic approaches and rewarding them for their knowledge of each area. It’ll be available in Normal and Custom Match, and each installed zipline can be used up to four times.

A Win Streak Showdown has been introduced which allows premade teams in Normal Match a chance to compete against each other, determining the winners based on how many Kill and Placement points they earn from a match. Consecutive wins grant rewards, and placing first in the same match will grant Perfect Match rewards. Along with the above, the Liana map comes to Arcade Team Deathmatch, some general fixes for the Karakin and Vikendi map arrive, and the launch of Survivor Pass: Off the Grid also comes to PUBG.