DROS is coming to Nintendo Switch in July

by on June 25, 2024

RedDeer Games and emergeWorlds has announced that puzzle-platformer DROS is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 12th.

The game features “Captain, a bounty hunter who finds himself in a rather dire situation, and Little Dros, an alchemical slime creature who runs into the Captain just when he most needs help, as they join forces to scale and destroy the Alchemist’s Tower, known as the Machine.”

Check out the launch trailer for the Switch version, below:


DROS draws plot inspiration from 1980s fantasy films, while the unique art style combines a mixture of detailed diorama-like locations, charming 3D chibi-style character sprites, and beautifully hand-drawn portraits for each of the zany characters you’ll meet as you climb to the top of the Machine.

Utilize the complimentary skillsets of Captain and Little Dros as you make your way through the Alchemist’s Tower. Captain will lean on his experience as a warrior while Little Dros draws on her magical abilities to help solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Switch seamlessly between the two protagonists to complete tasks, fight or sneak past enemies, traverse platforms, and find hidden rooms and treasures on your quest to take down the evil Alchemist and his Machine.

Along the way to the top, Captain and Little Dros will meet many unique and sometimes quirky characters, such as the friendly alchemist Enki and several other dros who will either assist with the mission or do their best to halt the heroes’ progress.

During their journey up the Machine, the two accomplices will learn many interesting facts about the strange world and discover many dark secrets of the tower, as well as its creator, the Alchemist.

In this world full of challenging, mind-bending steampunk puzzles, Captain and Little Dros will have to learn to work together despite the differences that divide them. Only through cooperation and teamwork will they manage to overcome all odds and successfully climb to the top of the Machine to confront the evil Alchemist.

DROS will be on Nintendo Switch on July 12th, and is already available on PC via Steam.