Dungeonborne announces final playtest before early access release

by on June 11, 2024

Mithrill Interactive has announced the details for the final playtest of PvPvE dungeon crawler, Dungeonborne, before it hits early access later this year.

The playtest will start on July 3rd, and the team says it’ll give players “an exclusive opportunity to experience the game’s latest updates and improvements based on community feedback”. If you want to get involved you can do so by requesting access via the Steam page.

Over the past month the developer says it has been showing off sneak peeks at the new features and updates, which include class balance changes, weapon overhauls, and entirely new weapons.


Dungeonborne emerged as a fan-favourite during Steam Next Fest earlier this year, with its unique blend of PvPvE dungeon crawling and high-stakes extraction gameplay. Set against the backdrop of a hauntingly gritty gothic world, players can brave treacherous dungeons either as lone adventurers or by banding together in small groups, all in pursuit of treasure. The traditional dungeon delve is taken to new heights with genre-defying mechanics. An unforgiving “all-or-nothing” extraction system forces players to make the daring choice: risk it all by venturing deeper for greater rewards, or extract early to bank their hard-earned spoils, as one untimely demise means losing everything. Further heightening the tension is the danger of a shrinking safe zone, a twist inspired by the battle royale genre.

Dungeonborne is a first-person dungeon-crawler combining elements of tactical extraction shooters and battle royale games in a dark fantasy setting. Playing solo or in small groups, players fight through hostile dungeons and gothic towers to secure priceless treasure, but if they fall in battle then they lose it all. Through tactical decision-making, a wide range of player classes, meaningful loot and deep combat systems, adventurers will have to band together and strategize to overcome the impossible odds and forge their legend.

The developer says via the latest press release that, “In Dungeonborne, fights are not merely a matter of spamming left-click. Instead, every fight is a complex choreography that includes gap closers, a mix of light and heavy attacks, and crucial blocking and counter-attacking mechanics. For instance, while blocking might counter light attacks effectively, heavy attacks are designed to break through these defences. However, a well-timed “perfect-block” can turn the tables against heavy attacks. Each weapon carries unique traits that, when combined with the game’s diverse class dynamics, result in a combat environment that is not only incredibly fun but also brimming with endless strategic possibilities.”

Dungeonborne is “coming soon” to PC via Steam.