Riven (2024) | Complete Walkthrough – Part 4

by on June 25, 2024

Welcome to Part 4 of our Riven walkthrough for 2024. In case you didn’t realise, this is a fully remade version of the classic sequel to Myst, and as such, the puzzles and solutions are completely different. In Part 4 of our Riven walkthrough 2024 we continue your journey through the entire game, so you never get stuck, lost, or frustrated with a puzzle in the remake.

Riven (2024) | Complete Walkthrough

Part 4 – The Starry Expanse


a. Boiler Island Marble

ACHIEVEMENT: Dipped in Black
Once you enter the Starry Expanse properly, you will get this achievement.


Leave the spinning dome, and descend the metal stairway below. This is the Starry Expanse, a sort of ethereal transport between each of the five islands courtesy of the spinning domes. For now, head all the way to the end of the metal steps. You should see a button on your left and a wheel on your right. Interact with both, and the wheel will extend the walkway to the centre, and the button will rotate the central area to face you.

Instead of heading to the central area though, retrace your steps, until you come to a small machine filled with marbles. Interact with the lever at the bottom once, to move it to the left. Then a marble will drop into position, now hit the lever again, to move it back to centre, and the marble should be visible in the main area of the machine.

Now interact with the handle a third time, to move it to the right, so the marble is transferred to the horn-shaped section. The camera will now pan to the right, looking towards the central area. Now interact with the small white button to shoot a beam from the marble to the central area.

Remember the gold-domed room on Temple Island? It had pipes from each island leading there. Activating these marbles in each Island’s part of the Starry Expanse is what we need to do to move forward. We have now done this for Boiler Island, there are four more islands to go.

b. Prison Island Marble

Riven Walkthrough Part 4

Head into the central area now, and there will be a globe-like object, with a wheel mechanism you can interact with. Spinning the wheel, spins the globe horizontally along the lines of the globe. If you want to head across other lines, you need to reach an intersection, flip the central line of the wheel into the vertical position, then rotate the wheel to make that new wheel on the horizontal. Then flip the central line back to horizontal, and spin the wheel as normal to move across this new line. It sounds complicated, but once you try it out, it becomes fairly intuitive.

What we are looking for here is to connect to another platform. One of them is already extended for us, so we can reach it from the Starry Expanse. The locations of the platforms are displayed as the island icons on the globe. You know the icon for Temple Island, but ignore that, we are looking for a way to get to Prison Island. When you locate the Prison Island walkway on the globe, you will notice it has the following symbol:

So make a note that this is the Prison Island symbol. Once you’ve successfully connected the walkway – if it’s upside down, then just rotate it fully vertically using the globe, then head onto the island walkway proper. It will also have the same marble machine.

Complete the same lever and white button inputs as before to also send out a beam from the machine into the centre. Two islands down, three to go! The other won’t be quite so quick, unfortunately. Now it’s time to head up the stairs to the dome, and exit out of it onto¬†Prison Island¬†proper.