Sumerian Six revealed at PC Gaming Show

by on June 9, 2024

During the PC Gaming Show, Artificer and Devolver Digital have announced Sumerian Six, a brand new real-time tactical stealth adventure. The story follows a team of commando scientists who find themselves behind enemy lines in an effort to uncover arcane mysteries while wielding experimental technology to turn the tide of WWII.

Players will travel across multiple continents as the Enigma Squad, a team of heroes made up of the greatest minds across the entire world who must join forces to embark on secret missions to bring down the Third Reich. Allies include an exiled chemist called Rosa Reznick, Wojtek the Werebear, and the esoteric psychoanalyst Siegfried von Adelsberg.

Each team member has a unique set of skills that are inspired by their own expertise while learning to master the art of chaining them together for some powerful effects. It won’t be easy, and the Nazis are hellbent on leading the world into a grim future, and players need to do everything they can to become victorious. Occult scientific weapons and ancient Sumerian artefacts are just some of the things players will encounter, so for those wanting to get a taste of what Sumerian Six has to offer, a demo is available right now featuring the first two chapters.

Some of the features of Sumerian Six are as follows:

  • Demon Nazis – Led by Hans Kammler, a former member of your Squad, the Nazis tap into the occult to create the ultimate Wunderwaffe. Face off against heavily armed, mutated, and supernaturally charged forces, and put your strategic abilities and dexterity to the ultimate test.
  • Playful Violence Meets Super Science – Sneak your way around Nazi strongholds and dispatch the ever-present watchmen in a variety of ways before taking on the more serious threats before you. Combine your team’s dynamic powers in creative displays of tactical might.
  • Travel the World – Inspired by real places and events, Sumerian Six takes you on a journey through an alternate history where folk stories and conspiracy theories are as real as the Nazi threat.

You can watch the announcement trailer below: