A Complete Guide to The Last of Us Part II | Find all the Collectables and Weapons in Santa Barbara


2425 Constance (1 Artefact)

Artefact: Rattler’s Note – On the left side of the street, you can only enter one house. This is on the toilet of the bathroom.


Pushing Inland (3 Artefacts, 1 Card, 1 Journal Entry, 1 Workbench)

Artefact: Abby’s Note – This is to the left of you on the boat.

Artefact: Mansion Note – When you arrive at Messa Bluff, kill the infected by the garage. Head inside the garage and you’ll find it on the desk.

Card: CBB-73 – This is in the kid’s bedroom after climbing on the roof and killing the clicker.

Workbench – This is downstairs of the house mentioned above.

Artefact: Runaway Note – Opposite the workbench on kitchen table.

Journal Entry: Santa Barbara – After looking over Santa Barbara, you’ll be prompted to write in your journal.


The Resort (2 Artefacts, 1 Card, 1 Journal Entry, 1 Workbench, Silenced Assault Rifle)

Silenced Assault Rifle – You’ll get this automatically at the very start.

Journal Entry: The Rattlers – Once you’ve taken out a bunch of Rattlers, there’s a van with their logo on it. Look at it to right in your journal.

Artefact: Santa Barbara Slave Note – Once you reach the Rattlers base and comment on the building, head left before the entrance (before you crawl under train carriage). You’ll climb on top of an abandoned train trailer, and find it to the left of this area.

Workbench – Once you are inside the base, it’s in the wooden hut in the middle.

Card: Sparkthug – Walk through the doorway to the house with a mosaic of Santa Isabella illuminated on the wall. This coin is directly to the right after walking through the door on a table.

Artefact: Rattler’s Letter Home – Climb the staircase in the main building (after the area with three clickers in chains). and you’ll find it on a bedside table to the right.


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