A Complete Guide to The Last of Us Part II | Find all the Collectables and Weapons in Seattle Day 2 (Abby)


The Shortcut (6 Artefacts, 2 Coins, 2 Workbenches, 1 Safe)

Artefact: Amputation Supplies – You already have the first artefact when you start. It’s given to you in the cutscene before ‘The Shortcut’ begins.

Coin: Nevada – Head into the Barber Shop before climbing. It’s on the cash desk.

Artefact: Survivor Plea – Climb to the top of the first building and find it to the right of the doorway.

Artefact: Neighbour Exchange – After commenting on the rapids below, walk through the apartment with sliding glass doors. This is on the table with the whiteboard on it.

Safe – It’s in the room opposite the table mentioned above (Code: 302304).

Workbench – After you’ve entered Interbay Wireless, head left to find it.

Artefact: Scavenging List – Head directly in front of you after entering Interbay Wireless. It’s on the body leaning against the desk.

Coin: Colorado – In Westport Optix, head outside by the painting of the huge eye to find it on the ledge. It’s the building before Lev starts free-running and Abby says, “What the fuck? You know I can’t do that, right?”

Artefact: Seraphite Truce – After calling Lev a “show off,” head into the red door of that bulding. It’s on the desk.

Workbench – As Lev approaches a Seraphite shrine, head into the room on the right (with the ladder). The workbench is to the right.

Artefact: Seraphite Orders – Once you’ve stepped out the big lift/elevator, it’s right in front of you next to the doorway.


The Descent (3 Artefacts, 5 Coins, 1 Safe, Flamethrower)

Coin: Illinois – Dive to the bottom of the swimming pool to find it.

Safe – You’ll find this in a room in front of the Hotel Blacray desk (Code: 121879).

Artefact: Gym Safe Combo – In the storage area of Orchards, you’ll find this on the notice board.

Artefact: FEDRA Orders – You automatically take this from the FEDRA soldier on the stairwell.

Artefact: FEDRA Final Note – Once you’ve dropped down from the fire hose, crawl through the hole in the wall, by the dead FEDRA agent.

Flamethrower – As you make your way down the building, you’ll find a room with a flamethrower inside.

Coin: Oregon – After walking across a much larger beam than the others so far, it’s on a side table next to a bottle of whisky (before you drop down to the greyish red platform).

Coin: Wisconsin – Once you’ve jumped down the lift shaft, head through the lift doors and check the vending machine to your left to find it.

Coin: Rhode Island – After finally leaving the building, there’re rows of brown sofas. You’ll see a three-sided bar where you’ll find this under the closest one (the left side).

Coin: Missouri – When you arrive at the hospital, turn right after the gate and before the ambulance. Head into the building and you’ll find it on the floor right in front of you.


Ground Zero (5 Artefacts, 2 Coins, 1 Workbench)

Coin: Washington – When walking with Nora, there’s a cafe. You’ll be able to pick this up behind the cafe’s checkout.

Artefact: Annex Letter – After leaving Nora, head to the far right end of the third floor (blue sign above door that reads, ‘Financial Planning’). Turn right before the doorway and crawl under the blockage and pick it up from next to the body.

Artefact: Chapel Note – This is at the front of the chapel on the first floor.

Artefact: Soldier’s Letter – Before walking through the emergency room doors, you’ll find a bag next to a body. Look in here to pick it up.

Artefact: Patient’s Note – Next to the two big red double doors, break the glass to the room and find this on the body lying on a hospital bed.

Artefact: Doctor’s Note – When you arrive at the surgery, walk through the second door and pick this up off the desk.

Workbench – Climb on the desk you found the ‘Doctor’s Note’ artefact and jump through the hole in the wall. It’s in here with the generator and power controls.

Coin: Hawaii – After defeating the huge monster and the clicker that came from it, head outside into the car park and break the glass of the booth to your left. You can pick it up here.


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