A Complete Guide to The Last of Us Part II | Find all the Collectables and Weapons in Seattle Day 3 (Ellie)


Road to the Aquarium (3 Artefacts, 4 Cards, 1 Journal Entry, 2 Work Benches)

Card: Esquire – Before you open the curtain in the theatre, this is on a crate to your left.

Workbench – In the building with a doorway blocked by a filing cabinet, crawl through to find the workbench.

Card: Tormentra – This is in the same room as above opposite the workbench.

Artefact: Garage Note – When you find the garage (after swimming for the first time – to your left), head to the back and climb up to the next level. It’s by the body, but you’ll have to kill the infected first before attempting to climb up.

Journal Entry: Alice in Wonderland – Inside the library, this is on the right wall near the back. There’s a large Alice in Wonderland mural, and you’ll need to look at it to write it in your journal.

Artefact: Bookstore Note – Opposite the Alice in Wonderland mural.

Card: Tanager – There’s a huge concrete slab in the centre of the library. Crawl underneath and you’ll find this card on the left shelf.

Artefact: Textile Note – Head inside the building with scaffolding and blue tarpaulin outside. This is on the wall near the windows.

Workbench – After swimming under school bus, climb the dilapidated building with the mannequins. It’s on the top floor opposite the ‘Steph Brandish’ display.

Card: Tatuje – After seeing the boat and deciding to go after it, head to the bottom of the crumbling building. It’s before you lift the log blocking the doorway to the left on some shelving.


Flooded City (6 Artefacts, 2 Cards, 1 Journal Entry, 2 Work Benches, 1 Safe)

Card: Seff L’ho’phad – After floating down the first set of rapids, head to the door directly to your right to find this in a drawer.

Artefact: Stash Note – When you have to get out your boat to open the shutter, head left and walk up the stairs. You’ll find this to the right at the end of the corridor, next to the body.

Journal Entry: Ferris Wheel – In this corridor, look through the big window at the ferris wheel to write in your journal.

Safe – To the right of the corridor, crawl through the gap and follow it round, and drop down. head into the small room and open the safe (Code: 701264).

Workbench – After opening the shutter and getting back in your boat, there’s a building to your left (with the sign ‘Manufacturing Production’ above entrance). You’ll find it in there.

Artefact: Shambler Note – Ride the boat under Carthy Hotel, and there’ll be a body there with this next to it.

Artefact: Sniper’s Note – Before engaging with Scars, there’s a derailed train to the right. Find your way up to the top and use the rope to throw through the hole in the roof. You’ll then be able to use it to climb on top of the carriage. Drop through the next carriage and you’ll find it in there.

Artefact: Encampment Note – This is on the second floor of the Scars hideout, on the wall near two scenic paintings.

Artefact: Arcade Flyer – After arriving at WB Arcade, you’ll find this on one of the dining tables near where you arrived.

Workbench – This is on the first floor of WB Arcade, next to the Moto Flare game.

Card: Khazakh Bright – After killing the shambler in the arcade, open the shutter and look directly under it to the left to find this.

Artefact: Arcade Note – This is up the stairs after killing the shambler. Turn right and follow the room on the end, and you’ll find it on the wall.


Infiltration (1 Journal Entry)

Journal Entry: Owen’s Coin – In the aquarium, find Owen’s bag and look at his tag/coin. It’s opposite the door when you encounter Owen and Mel together.


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