Ori and the Will of the Wisps | Complete Boss Guide: Kwolok (Escape)


As you work your way through Luma Pools in Ori and the Will of the Wisps, you stumble upon Kwolok again. He has found the Strength of the Forest Wisp which you need. However you soon realise not all is well, and before long Kwolok is sinking into the water. When he rises again you can see that the Foul Presence has taken control of him and sent him mad. You need to make your escape and quickly!

Things to consider

This Escape is from right to left, which is the reverse of what they have been up to this point. Here you will not only put your platforming skills to the test but also your swimming ability too. There’s also noticeably less wriggle room for error to get your perfect run. To give yourself the best possible chance, try and Dash as much as possible where it is appropriate to move as quickly as possible.

The Escape Sequence

Initial Sprint: The first section is a bit of familiar platforming to navigate. Immediately run left, and Dash wherever appropriate to give yourself some wiggle room. Thorns will appear at the end of the platform, and you’ll need to jump up to a lantern. Bash from that left and slightly upwards, to a seemingly impassable wall. The approaching Kwolok will smash it as you approach, revealing the way forward.

Suprise Arms: Clamber up, and continue left, and platform will quickly turn to a thin ledge above some thorns. This is your clue to be wary, as the Foul Presence will prise arms from underground to shatter either side of this as you approach, so be prepared to jump and Dash to avoid dropping onto the thorns. This also happens a little further on as a rising arm shatters a rock in two, creating two shorter platforms. Once you are passed that, you’ll notice the water you must not navigate through.

Underwater Part 1: The first thing to draw your attention to is the seemingly innocent tower of rock to your left. It will fall, and you need to pass under it quick enough to avoid being squashed. You’ll need to Swim Dash left when in the water, perhaps a couple of times to get passed. There is then a windy swimming section to move through. Remember to keep holding A to swim quickly, and Swim Dash when you feel like you have room to for an extra burst of pace.

Underwater Part 2: You’ll need to rise to surface and Swim Dash out to give yourself some height. The Foul Presence will have moved some thorns which you can now jump and Dash over before landing back in the water. There are fish enemies here which can be damaged with Swim Dash so use this to your advantage if they get too close. Don’t worry about killing any of them though, it’s not worth it. Swim Dash out of the water, and then proceed left. Before long the chase will stop, and you will begin the boss fight.


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