Braid Anniversary Edition review

by on May 13, 2024
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May 14, 2024


It feels as though the indie video game came to forefront of the industry when Braid released. It was from a small developer, exhibited no AAA qualities you’d expect, but it gave players all over the world one of the greatest experiences you could have on console. Now, almost 16 years later, Braid Anniversary Edition welcomes players back to its magical yet haunting world, with new visuals and brushwork, some new puzzles, and additional sounds to make it stand out just like it did way back in 2008.

The story of Braid has been the source of many conversations, with deep analysis done over every aspect of it. It’s well worth diving into once you’ve played through Braid Anniversary Edition, but on the surface it is about a man named Tim who must go from world to world to save the princess. Who is the Princess? Why is there a dinosaur at every castle? What’s with the short paragraphs that greet Tim before every world and give context to the deeper story behind the fundamental plot?

There’s so much to dive into and work out, but Braid Anniversary Edition is a glorious game that is filled with some of the most gorgeous artwork I’ve been fortunate enough to witness. Each new world is like a stroll through a prestigious art gallery, admiring the brushworks of Monet or Van Gough, where colours represent the mood and the themes, the fear and the longing, the love that was lost and craving to be found. It’s remarkable just how well this game stands out after all this time, and when you get to dive into the complexities of its puzzles, you’re reminded of the genius behind it.

Its construction from level to level is meticulously planned out, with each new mechanic offering a new struggle or challenge. Braid Anniversary Edition isn’t an easy game. Puzzles can be difficult, and to say you’ll be stumped on some of them is an understatement. It’s hard, but the pay-off you get when playing around with the few abilities you have in order to collect the jigsaw pieces scattered around the worlds is glorious. It’s not a particularly long game, but the depth of its puzzles will keep you occupied for a while.

One constant is the ability to rewind time whenever you die. A simple press of a button can take you back to the very start of the level if you wish, but it’s also a necessity when it comes to solving some of the puzzles. Each world has its own mechanic, too. For example, one produces a copy of Tim and his previous actions play out as you attempt something different, or you can also slow down particular areas in the level. There are also enemies or objects enshrouded with a green glow that aren’t affected by the rewinding of time, playing into how you collect keys, pull switches, or wipe out enemies.

By collecting the numerous jigsaw pieces throughout the worlds, you’ll be able to piece together specific memories where they all look like a beautiful piece of art, however, getting there will take a lot of brainwork and patience. Of course, you don’t have to collect every piece to move on, but it’s rewarding when you finally see this paintings come to life. What gives Braid Anniversary Edition new life is the developer commentary that can be turned on and off whenever you want. It’s fascinating listening to the team as they talk about how the game came to life.

Braid Anniversary Edition is more beautiful than I remember, thanks to the newly painted artwork. Many of the puzzles are tough yet rewarding, and when you solve something it’s one of those rare puzzlers that make you feel like a million dollars. What makes Braid so enamouring is its story, and its haunting undertones make you question who Tim is; who is this princess, and what it all symbolises. The new world offers some fun new puzzles and adds to the mastery that is already on display in one of the best indie games of all time, standing tall in 2024 all of those years later.


Gorgeous visuals
Remarkable puzzle design
Interesting mechanics
Fascinating story


Some puzzles are tough
Quite short

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In Short

Braid Anniversary Edition is a reminder of how good the original was, with stellar visuals and puzzles that are tough yet rewarding.