Drop BMR1 Desktop Speakers review

by on August 1, 2023

The Drop BMR1 is my kind of Desktop Speakers setup. Small, inoffensive, and with a hint of being cool, there’s a lot to like about Drop’s ideas, and with a few small tweaks, the BMR1 could be a genuine contender for best in class, certainly in the low to mid-range price region.

Starting with the look, the Drop BMR1 Desktop Speakers are almost futuristic looking, and can be placed in a horizontal or vertical configuration. Due to my ridiculous wide-monitor, I opted for the vertical style, mostly because that means they sit in front of me, but also because the cable that connects one speaker to the other wasn’t long enough to allow them to sit horizontally aside the monitor. This is a minor gripe, and I’d take a proprietary cable over having to power both speakers individually, but given the multiple monitor setup lots of people have nowadays, it was a surprise to find such a short cable included.

First impressions though, were “wow, this is a loud set of speakers”. With no on-board volume controls, you’ll have to manually adjust the volume within Windows, or (as I do) use a separate audio interface to control the volume. I was swapping one set of speakers out to bring the Drop BMR1 Desktop Speakers in, and the volume jump wasn’t just noticeable, it actually made me jump. You won’t have any issue worrying about hearing treble highs, here, as this is a speaker set that’s crystal clear and loud. Genuinely, for the size of these small form speakers, the volume is pretty incredible.

Drop BMR1 Desktop Speakers

The speakers themselves are pretty much devoid of interface on the front, aside from a button that switches between bluetooth and cable mode. This means there’s no power button, which I have to confess, is a bit disappointing. The cost of electricity these days means I would really like the option to power off the speakers without going under my desk to a powerpoint to switch them off, and while that’s a bit of a moan, I do think the inclusion of a power button, or even the option to hold the single front-placed button to switch the speakers off would be a welcome tweak to the design.

While I was sent the front grills as part of the review package, they aren’t included by default. Now, for the price point, that’s not a major deal, but I will say the magnetic snap on grills add a finishing touch to the overall aesthetic I really appreciated. While they’re not “ugly” without the grills, the visible speakers won’t be to everyone’s tastes. The grills for the front are available in a variety of colours, so you can even customise your desktop look with them, and this is why Drop doesn’t include a set in the box, apparently.

It’s also worth noting that there’s an option Subwoofer you can buy to connect to the speakers, and if I’m being critical, I think it’s needed. Whether it’s music or a game you’re using them for, there’s a definite lack of low end punch. It’s not a deal breaker, and as I say, there’s a Subwoofer available should you choose to add to your setup. While I didn’t get to test that, I can imagine the full combo would be incredible, and offer top tier audio.

Drop BMR1 Desktop Speakers

Where the Drop BMR1 Desktop Speakers are winners without question, is connectivity. There’s a headphone output, 3.5mm jack input, bluetooth capability, auxiliary output, and a switch that changes from 2.0 to 2.1. On the topic of that switch, I’m told it means you can turn up the speakers louder as it’ll tame the bass when paired with a Subwoofer, so again, another nice option.

Bar the minor gripes like the power option, and lack of volume, there’s little to dislike about the Drop BMR1 Desktop Speakers. I’d like a bit more bass without having to shell out more money on a tertiary speaker specifically for the low end, but the desk real estate saving combined with the sheer volume these speakers offer almost makes up for it. For now at least, the Drop BMR1 Desktop Speakers have replaced the JBL Quantum Duo speakers I had for external audio on my desk.


Brilliantly loud and clear treble
Excellent form factor and size
Great sound for the price


No power switch or volume controls
Short cable length
Bass is a little weak

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In Short

Bar some minor gripes like the power option, and lack of volume, there’s little to dislike about the Drop BMR1 Desktop Speakers.