Christmas Tech Gift Guide 2023

by on December 11, 2023

While we love games here at GodisaGeek, we always put together a Christmas Tech Gift Guide to show off some “gaming adjacent” stuff, because we know that often, people are up to date with gaming and peripherals, but like to grab stuff that’s techy and cool, or just interesting. So this Christmas Tech Gift Guide 2023 is made up of things both new and old that have passed through our virtual doors at some point during the year, that we recommend.

Drop BMR1 Desktop Speakers (£99.99)

From our review: “There’s little to dislike about the Drop BMR1 Desktop Speakers. I’d like a bit more bass without having to shell out more money on a tertiary speaker specifically for the low end, but the desk real estate saving combined with the sheer volume these speakers offer almost makes up for it. For now at least, the Drop BMR1 Desktop Speakers have replaced the JBL Quantum Duo speakers I had for external audio on my desk”.

Lenco TT-115BK – Retro Briefcase turntable (£89.99)

Lenco TT-115BK

When it comes to music, I hadn’t listened to a vinyl in too long. It’s way too easy these days to pick up a phone, cast something somewhere, and chill out to music. But the Lenco makes music feel like an event again. Chucking on a vinyl, sitting back and listening to it is a lovely time. Folding shut to a briefcase form, the Lenco TT-115BK is a small unit, but offers some cool features. First up, you can listen to music via a USB stick, but you can also record the music from Vinyl to USB, making it a great way to transfer songs from older discs to USB. For the price, this is a great shout for the music lovers in your life, and why we’ve popped it on our tech Christmas Gift Guide.

AENO Premium Eco Smart LED Heater (£239.99)

From our review: “Solving an aesthetic problem while being wallet friendly on the electric bill is a major boon, and there are even physical buttons on the right side of the panel if you don’t want to get involved with apps and smart tech. That said, you’ll be missing out on the coolest features, and the app keeps a log of when the heater is powered on, and even how much energy it’s using. Integration with Amazon’s Alexa and the like means you can even bark an order at your robotic friend and get your room warmed up that way, too. Designed for rooms up to 30 meters squared, it’s hard to find too much fault with the AENO Premium Eco Smart Heater, as long as you haven’t got a peculiar network setup like me. It’s replaced my oil heater, and shall hopefully keep me snug as a bug in a rug for what’s looking like a pretty cold Winter”.

Christmas Tech Gift Guide: SoundPeats Air4 wireless earphones (£65)

From our review: Whether listening to music, podcasts, or gaming, the sound is great. There’s a dedicated game mode option that reduces Bluetooth latency, which is particularly useful when playing on a Steamdeck as I notice lag on that device more often than on others. It’s worth noting that the Air4 earphones have great battery life, pushing close to 6 hours from a full charge, while the case should hold power and keep them going for around 26 hours.

Christmas Tech Gift Guide: Lenco PDR-046GY DAB+ Radio (£109)

From our review: It’s so compact and stylish that it’s also great for picnics, garden parties, and days out where you might just want something louder than your phone to provide some background music. If you want to listen alone, you can connect headsets or other devices via Bluetooth or there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack.If you’re in the market for an on-the-go DAB+ radio or even just a stylish bluetooth speaker you could do a lot worse than the Lenco PDR-046GY. It’s beautifully made, super easy to connect, has a great battery life and will drop in a bag without adding too much weight and bulk.

Gravastar Alpha 65 Fast Wall Charger (£64.99)

From our review: The Alpha 65 Fast Wall Charger is undeniably a bit pricey for a device charger, but having a little robot that charges your devices for you is just really bloody cool. The fast charging and multiple ports give it extra functionality too. Obviously only you can decide if it’s worth dropping a wedge of cash on an lovely novelty robot charger, but personally I love waking up to its adorable lit up face every morning.

Christmas Tech Gift Guide: Boulies Elite Gaming Chair (£289)

From our review: If you’re a person who’s going to spend a lot of time at the desk for whatever reason, you’ll want to know your chair is going to support you and protect you, and the Boulies Elite gaming chair does that while also looking beautiful at the same time. For such a large chair it’s very stylish. Everything from the cut of the leather to the stitching, from the shine of the metal finishing to the logo, shouts quality. Boulies pride themselves not just on making attractive chairs, or even durable chairs, but also on customer health and safety. The very design of the Boulies Elite is focused on making you as comfortable as possible while also protecting your spine and joints for long periods in the seat.