Gamer Advantage gaming glasses bundle review

by on January 17, 2022

For most of us, screens are a massive part of our life now. Gamers, office workers, writers, journalists, couch potatoes and internet warriors spend hours and hours staring into what is essentially a very bright light source, with an often imperceptible flicker that can play merry hell with your senses when you don’t even know it’s happening.

Gamer Advantage gaming glassesThe list of possible I’ll effects that can spring up from extensive screen time is pretty frightening too. Migraines, dizziness, nausea, even seizures, epilepsy – not to mention good old fashioned insomnia. A lot of it comes down to the infamous blue light, and which does all sorts of bad things to our eyes.

While phones, TVs and tablets often have a blue light mode these days, it’s usually hidden in a menu somewhere. And frankly, you don’t always want it on, especially if you’re doing something like watching a movie or playing a game. To combat this, there’s a huge range of specialist eyewear out there to dull the effects of blue light. Trouble is, it’s often not that good. A quick Google search will yield a ton of results, but few are quite as good as the range offered by Gamer Advantage.

Designed specifically for gamers and screen-intensive workers, their glasses are comfortable, stylish and effective. I’ve been using them for over a month now, as well as the other bits and pieces that came boxed with them, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference.

In the box there’s an anti-fog spray and a glass-cleaner, as well as a nice soft cloth to clean them with. There’s also a bottle of pretty tasty 2-a-day EyeCandy gummies. They’re vegan-friendly, and provide you with a mix of vitamins to improve your eye health, such as Vitamin C and E. As I’m a glasses wearer anyway (I have the distance vision of an elderly mole), it’s not an inconvenience to use these – although I’d appreciate a snap-on pair that I can wear over my usual glasses.

Gamer Advantage gaming glassesI say this because there is a snap-on pair in the box, but they’re sunglasses. They click onto the main frames with a magnet and filter UV light from the sun, protecting your eye health as well as simply removing the glare.

It would be hyperbolic to say that these glasses have revolutionised my routine, but Gamer Advantage have definitely produced the best anti-blue light specs I’ve tried. Coupled with the gummies and the sunglasses (which come with a case for when they’re rattling around in your bag or slid into your back pocket), they will genuinely help some people.

After 4 weeks of use I’ve definitely noticed an improvement to my sleeping patterns. I’ve also had fewer fatigue headaches, which is a godsend for someone like me who often works or games later than he should. If you’re in need of something to help combat any of the negative symptoms of screens in your life, the products offered by Gamer Advantage are a definite must.