Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice sees Phoenix return on September 8

by Nick Gillhamon August 11, 2016
All evidence points to more fun

Characters From Beloved Franchises Join Project X Zone 2

by Mikhail Madnanion May 19, 2015
SEGA and Capcom characters join the fray.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Review

by Nick Gillhamon December 14, 2014
Objections? Overruled.

Ace Attorney 5 will see the Return of Phoenix Wright

by Robin Parkeron September 5, 2012
Capcom have stated that Ace Attorney 5 is coming to Nintendo 3DS and will feature the return of the original star, Phoenix Wright.

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Ghost Trick Now Available on the iOS App Store

by Adam Cookon February 2, 2012
This new iOS version is free to begin with, offering the first two chapters, but if you want more you'll have to pay for the subsequent chapters at £2.99 a pop via in-app purchase, or the entire game will be available for £6.99.

Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton Go Head-to-Head

by Robin Parkeron October 20, 2010
In a puzzling move (groan), Level-5 and Capcom have joined forces to announce upcoming title Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney, which will see the eponymous Professor clashing with Phoenix Wright. Ace Attorney creator Takumi Shuu will be leading development and writing on the title, which promises to be a combination crime mystery and puzzle game.¬†Akihiro […]