The Witcher Developer, CD Projekt Release Open Letter On Piracy

by Colm Ahernon January 12, 2012
Developer, CD Projekt RED have released an open letter addressing the issue of piracy and the efforts of the team to track down pirates.

Crysis 2, Gears Of War 3 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 Were 2011’s Most Pirated Games

by Jon Baldieon January 3, 2012
Crysis 2 on PC, Xbox 360's Gears Of War 3 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii were the three most illegally downloaded games in 2011, according to TorrentFreak.

CD Projekt: The Witcher 2 Heavily Pirated, DRM’s Don’t Work

by Terry Lucyon November 29, 2011
CD Project CEO Marcin Iwinski has spoken about why DRM's don't work and how many copies of The Witcher 2 have been pirated in a recent interview.

Sony Fights Back Against Piracy With The PSPgo!

by Aaron Sullivanon August 31, 2009
Sony have stated that the reasoning behind making the PSP-Go’s battery internal-only is to combat software piracy. Apparently they weren’t all too happy that the Pandora Battery made their beloved handheld easier to hack into and so have stated: “You won’t be able to rip your games and play them on the [PSP-Go] system, the […]

Nintendo crack down on piracy

by Aaron Sullivanon August 4, 2009
Now we all know piracy is bad for the industry we love so much and represents a big problem to it everyday. Even though people are aware of this fact they still do it regularly probably thinking something along the lines of “I’ll just download this game and save myself £40, there can’t be any […]