New Screenshots For Tropical Sequel Dead IsIand Riptide

by on November 29, 2012

New Screenshots For Tropical Sequel Dead IsIand Riptide The stunning greenery and tropical backdrop of Palanai has been engulfed in some good old-fashioned zombieness. The face-biting, growling, dribbling undead are out in force in the sequel to 2010’s Dead Island – Dead Island Riptide.

Even at this early stage, you can see some of the really cool lighting and shadow effects implemented in the game, in the city of Henderson, which is on the island that Riptide takes place. It’s fair to say that some of the zombie blood splatter looks a little rough around the edges, but the game is scheduled to come to PC and consoles next April, so there’s a bit to go in terms of development, yet.

In this group, you can see one of the new additions to Riptide, John Morgan.No one can replace Sam B, though. He will live long in our hearts. Especially when he’s releasing bangin’ tunes.

Dead Island Riptide will be released on April 26, 2013 in Europe and April 23, 2013 in North America for Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

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