Ubisoft Cast Two of Far Cry 3′s Most Memorable Characters in Very Interesting Ways

by on December 4, 2012

Ubisoft Cast Two of Far Cry 3's Most Memorable Characters in Very Interesting WaysThe people who live on Rook Island are quite strange and very nasty in some cases. For those very reasons, Ubisoft were keen to cast actors that could really embody their Far Cry 3 characters. They most certainly did that with Dr. Earhardt and the man of the moment, Vaas.

It may have come late in the year – and is out today in North America, but Far Cry 3 is one that shouldn’t be missed. It’s an enthralling world, with terrific VO and an open world that can keep the player entertained for many, many hours.

Below, you can watch videos on the ways Ubisoft cast the two actors to play these characters, but I must warn you, it’s pretty graphic and may contain some scenes that will disturb you.

It’s incredible how they got two actors that are so similar to their video game counterparts, really.

Far Cry 3 is available now for Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

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