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The Wolf Among Us Episode Two Won’t Be Released Until Next Year

by on December 6, 2013

After the successful release of the first episode of the new Telltale Games series based on the Fables comics by Bill Willingham – The Wolf Among Us – adventure game fans were scrambling to get their hands on the second part. Unfortunately, episode one was released back at the beginning of October and until now there has been no news on the whereabouts of the follow-up.

Finally Telltale Games have broken their silence and have sadly announced that although episode two is nearing completion, fans will have to wait til after Christmas until the company will be able to give an estimated release window for the content. This is frustrating for fans who have patiently waited and still haven’t been given a release date, but this was an expected consequence of Telltale Games working on multiple titles concurrently for the first time – what with the Walking Dead Season Two kicking off in a couple of weeks.

At least the team at Telltale have released a couple of new screenshots for players to feast their eyes on whilst they wait – showing Jack, of Jack & The Beanstalk fame, and the seedy-looking Pudding & Pie club.

See the new images below:

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  • Rotmm

    This is why I struggle to buy into the concept of episodic gaming. After waiting to buy the Walking Dead until all episodes were released, I was so tempted to pick this up on launch because Telltale have good form with regards to getting episodes out in decent time.
    However, having been disappointed in the past with things such as Sin Episodes (or Episode as it turned out) and the far more famous screw up by Valve in not completing the HL2 ‘episodes’, I’m glad I wasn’t tempted here and it turns out I was right to hold fire.
    It’s sad, as if they had released the 2nd episode of this I would have been far more likely to buy-in early to the Walking Dead 2, but this delay means I won’t be playing that until the season is finished.