EA comments on missing mode in FIFA 18 on Switch, more FIFA support likely: Report


by on September 5, 2017

Gamespot interiewed Andrei Lazarescu, the supervising producer on FIFA about the Switch version.

When asked about future support for the Switch from FIFA, he is optimistic. He thinks there will be more support. It all obviously depends on the sales of EA Sports FIFA 18 on the Switch that is releasing on September 29 along with the other platforms. Another interesting question was about the lack of The Journey on the Switch and Andrei said that the absence of The Journey is because of the Frostbite Engine. FIFA on Switch isn’t using Frostbite and The Journey is heavily tied into Frostbite so if a future FIFA on Switch would run that engine, The Journey would make its way to the platform. You can ready more from the interview here. Nintendo has heavily been featuring FIFA 18 in their commercials for the Switch. Check out the trailer below:

EA Sports FIFA 18 releases on Switch on September 29.

Thanks, Gamespot.