First Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer footage

by on July 27, 2009

Just an hour or so ago via Twitter (fourzerotwo) Infinity Ward released the first ever Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer footage. The video shows us some new things we should expect from the much loved multiplayer facet of the game and boy do they sound (and look) good.

First off the footage reveals that players will be able unlock different types of killstreak bonuses and equip them as they see fit. The next detail (and probably the most exciting) is that there will be an AC130 gunship airstrike ability for players who get 11 kills in a row. Now before everyone starts screaming “that’s not fair”, the video also shows us that the AC130 is not invulnerable and it can be taken down by what looks like some sort of guided missile.

Now those are the main points to take away from this footage but that is not all that is new. It seems like the HUD has changed a bit visually and the points system has been overhauled. You now get +50 points for a kill in free-for-all rather than the +5 you used to get in the first Modern Warfare. The video also shows us that there will be alot more challenges this time round which probably means it will be alot harder to level up (check the screenshots below for a look at three of the new challenges).

codmw2buzzkill codmw2revenge codmw2stuck

Oh and this brings us nicely to the last new feature that was unveiled, being able to tag enemies with semtex grenades. This new addition should result in some epic kills and general hilarious multiplayer scenarios. I know we have ranted about the pricing of the game a bit but the potential quality of it was never in doubt. Superb video, we can’t wait for more details let alone the day when we have this game in our hands! Enjoy the video folks.

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