TGS 09 Footage of PS3 Stereoscopic 3D Gameplay

by on October 4, 2009

Recent footage has surfaced showcasing stereoscopic 3D gameplay for the PS3 at TGS 2009. For those not in the know, stereoscopic 3D vision is any technique which can record three-dimensional visual information or creating the illusion of depth in an image by presenting a slightly different image in each eye. The footage shows gamers with the stereoscopic 3D glasses playing Wipeout HD.

The Director of the Software Development Department for SCE, Hideyuki Agata stated that,

“Sony is looking to bring stereo vision to the home in 2010. We’d like to increase our content, in line with the start of 3D games in 2010. So far, we’ve wanted to give players a more natural experience by converting 2D games into 3D. Bringing stereo vision to the game allows the player to feel more depth, and the game world becomes more real.”

[Via: Split-Screen]

Source: xtremeps3