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Square Enix Reveal New Screenshots for Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

by on March 15, 2012

Square Enix Reveal New Screenshot for Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]The Kingdom Hearts series of games are ones that fans just seem to love. A satisfying blend of classic Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters seem to keep the people entertained enough that some of them go absolutely crazy when a new one is announced. Square Enix announced at E3 2010 that there would be a Nintendo 3DS exclusive new Kingdom Hearts game coming.

Well, it’s coming out this year and that game is Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] (see, and there you were thinking that the “3D” stood for three dimensions. Pah!). In order to keep people interested in this new game, which is being developed by the same team that did Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Square Enix have today released a couple more screenshots that show some of the mini-games that people will get the chance to play when the game hits shelves.

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Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] is due to be released in the Summer of 2012. As soon as we have a firm release date, we’ll let you know. So keep checking back to GodisaGeek.com for all your information.